Ericsson Globe

Ericsson Globe

Welcome to Ericsson Globe - the world's largest spherical building. The arena hosts everything from major sporting events, international artists, choirs and horses and world leaders have appeared here. 

The arena can in a very short time be transformed from an ice hockey rink to host a gala dinner or from a dressage arena into a rock concert arena. Everyone is welcome and guaranteed a welcoming reception.

Ericsson Globe

Ericsson is our partner from February 2 2009 and for the next ten years. Among other things this also means that Ericsson has bought the name rights for Globen.

find your way

You can get to Ericsson Globe easily by taking the metro, by bus or by car. Garages available for those who choose to drive to the event, just get here in good time prior to the popular events.

construction work

During the ongoing road work around Tele2 Arena, fewer parking spaces are currently available in the events area. More changes in the traffic will be made as the work proceeds. Our recommendation is for all that have the possibility to use public transportation when visiting the events area. Current traffic routing map (PDF, March 2011).

Parking at globen City

There are 1,500 parking spaces available within the area, divided between two indoor garages with a modern, supervised parking and gate system.
Download the PDF on parking here - addresses, times, prices and map overview.

Find your way in

There are a total of 6 entrances and one entrance for the disabled. You can choose whichever entrance you want to, however that entrance shown on your ticket will be closer to your seat in the arena and may eventually mean shorter queues.

Finding your way inside

Ericsson Globe is divided into three different stands: stand A which is closest to the stage, stand B which lies above it and stand C which lies even farther up. Most of our VIP-boxes are at the very top, near the ceiling.

No ATM, however several ATM's are available in the event area and in the Globen Shopping mall.

Please note that no smoking is allowed in the arena, however there are smoking areas available outside.

Warm up before the event! Two hours before the event starts we invite you to mingle with other fans and getting into the right mood. Read more here!

Restaurants and cafés

A total of 7 restaurants and cafés are available at Ericsson Globe. At The Global Grill you can book a table before your event begins and enjoy first-class home cooking. Read more about our restaurants here! We also have a number of kiosks with fast food as well as hot and cold drinks.

cloakrooms and facilities

A cloakroom will be available at all events with the exception of the National Hockey Division and Elite Series matches; the location varies depending on the event. 

There is no specific baby carriage parking, however our event hosts will show you to a space designated for the baby carriage during the event.

There are also a large number of toilets available at Ericsson Globe. These can, depending on the type of event, be divided between women and men. If you need a baby care room (at section A7) you can borrow a key at the information desk at entrance 2.

Would you like to arrange an event?

about the Globe (Today Ericsson globe)

The first groundbreaking of the Globe was made on September 10, 1986 and the arena was built in a record-breaking 2.5 years. On February 19, 1989 it was time to inaugurate the world's largest spherical building. Thanks to its unique form, the Globe has been a symbol for both Stockholm and Sweden. The Globe has a diametre of 110 m, its inner height is 85 m and has a volume of 600.000 m3. It would take 40 years to fill the Globe with water from a water tap.