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Do you have any special rules at the Stockholm Globe Arenas?
For the well-being of all visitors we ask you to respect the following:
- it is not allowed to bring food and beverages from the outside and into our arenas
- no types of professional sound- or imaging equipment are allowed in our arenas
- objects that may cause other people harm, like umbrellas*, laser pointers and such, are not allowed in our arenas.
* Umbrellas are not allowed inside the arenas. Checkrooms available for these types of objects outside the arena, by the entrances. Neither the organiser nor the arena are responsible for umbrellas left outside of the arena and umbrellas that are left behind will not be saved until the next day.

Food and drinks are available at our arenas at events, so feel free to visit any of our restaurants, bars and kiosks. 

No camping at any time before events. Queuing before events allowed from 7 am on the morning of the event.

Feel free to contact our information desk or other people in our staff directly during the event in case you have any questions or complaints. Most matters can be solved directly at the arena, thus it is not possible to compensate visitors after the event.